Monday, August 07, 2006

Daniel Powter / Bad Day (May 28 - July 01)

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Most listened 10 songs in this period (May 28 - July 01) out of
5,213 songs (as of July 01, 06) stored in my iTunes & iPod !!

Rank Name// Artist// Album// Genre
01. Have A Nice Day// Bon Jovi// Have A Nice Day// Rock
02. Too Late// Nuno Bettencourt & The Mourning Widows// Mourning Widows// Rock
03. Scars// Papa Roach// Getting Away With Murder// Metal
04. My World// 3 Doors Down// Seventeen Days// Rock
05. Drowing// Backstreet Boys// The Hits: Chapter One// Pop
06. Yesterday// The Beatles// 1// Rock
07. Stick To Your Guns// Bon Jovi// New Jersey// Rock
08. Dirrty (Featuring Redman)// Christina Aguilera// Stripped// Pop
09. Bad Day// Daniel Powter// Daniel Powter// Pop
10. Out Of Control// Hoobastank// The Reason// Metal

This month's pick!!

Rank Name// Artist// Album// Genre

09. Bad Day// Daniel Powter// Daniel Powter// Pop

June, I was keeping busy with FIFA World Cup in Germany.

June, I felt down about what Japan National Team did there.

This song has encouraged me to try to think "Next game", and "Next World Cup", let me make a step forward every time I felt down.

like this,

"Because you had a bad day"

Daniel is singing that pretty lyrics like talking to me by his melancholy voice but fefreshing voice.

It'll set you free from your downs tenderly.

When you think, "Oh shit!! Nothing goes well. I don't know why??" please try to remember this song, and let set you free!!

Daniel Powter- Bad Day


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