Thursday, May 18, 2006

Guns N' Roses / You're Crazy (May 07 - May 13)

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Most listened 10 songs in this week (May 7 - May 13) out of
5,146 songs (as of May 13, 06) stored in my iTunes & iPod !!

Rank Name// Artist// Album// Genre
01. Save Me// American Hi-Fi// Art Of Losing // Rock
02. the apl song// The Black Eyed Peas// elephunk// Hip Hop/Rap
03. I Don't Like Mondays feat. Bob Geldof (Live)// Bon Jovi// These Days Bonus CD// Rock
04. Chasing the sun// The Calling// Two// Rock
05. All The Love In The World// The Corrs// Best Of The Corrs// Pop
06. Don't Piss Me Off// David Lee Roth// The Best// Rock
07. Janie's Not Alone// Gotthard// One Team One Spirit// Rock
08. You're Crazy// Guns N' Roses// G N' R Lies// Rock
09. Never So It Coming// Hoobastank// The Reason// Rock
10. Highway To Hell (Live From Germany)// Maroon 5// 1.22.03.Acoustic// Rock

This week's pick!!

Rank Name// Artist// Album// Genre

08. You're Crazy// Guns N' Roses// G N' R Lies// Rock

It's been reported more than 10 years that "Chinese Democracy" (New Album) had been recorded and would be out.

There is also a rumor that it would be out within this year, though...

"You're Crazy" is a song from that "Guns N' Roses" 2nd album (1988 released).

This is the "acoustic version" of the same song that is from 1st album "Appetite For Destruction".

Slower than the "original version, and it has kinda laziness in a good way,
but that laziness makes it cool.

This song makes me get a picture that those guys have a drink at a bar and feel better and start to play.

Playing in the dark, drinking Jack Daniel's, and smoking.

What I'm saying is that kind of laziness....

I cannot imagine that those guys get together and have a drink....

Well, let's wait but not pay much attention to if "Chinese Democracy" would be out within this year.

"Velvet Revolver's" new album might be released before it is out, though....


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